Otti Made: Barossa

Authentic, beautiful, ceramics and jewelry made by artist Ilona Glastonbury using  clay sourced (in the locavore tradition) from within a 100 mile radius. 

By adhering to the 100 mile principle* it helps to lower our carbon footprint, promote sustainable and ethical production processes and generally celebrate all the good things this region has to offer.

"I believe it is very important that we step as lightly on the Earth as possible.  My family and I reuse, recycle, make do, do without, compost, think outside the square and generally do all we can on a day to day basis to live this out. "

"Everything I buy to use in my gift wrapping process is biodegradable and compostable.  I use eco-tissue paper, reclaimed and vintage linen, natural jute twine, organic fair trade hemp twine, recycled paper swing tags, unbleached paper and sometimes even fresh herbs from the garden! If I am posting items to you please be assured that any plastic packaging is actually clean waste that has been rescued from being sent to landfill.  I would love it if you also reused and re-purposed it to prolong its useful life."

*When defining the 100 miles I measure from the township of Tanunda as the central point.  I allow for a 1% by weight buffer for non-100 mile ingredients.  This covers wood oils, ceramic glazes and glue.  I aim to reduce this when and where possible.